Rihanna on Drake Relationship: EPIC FAIL!

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Rihanna is reportedly heartbroken about going all-in with Drake, and now that their romance didn’t last, feels it was all an “epic fail” on her part.

After enduring a troubled relationship with that jailbird Chris Brown, RihRih thought Drizzy, with whom she's always had a close connection, was Mr. Right.

So much for that. Drake wasn't the one Rihanna thought he would be either, and now she’s struggling to come to terms with the demise of their love.

"She wanted the fairytale, you know, the s--t he promised her but again, epic fail,” a source close to Rihanna said. “It’s all good though. She will learn."

Learn what? What exactly led to him falling out of favor?

“She likes him but it’s hard when a man tells his b-tch that they have to pump the brakes on the relationship so he can go out there and grind."

"It’s not like Rihanna asks him to buy her anything.”

Well, that about sums it up right there, doesn't it.

Conflicting reports suggest they broke up because HE was too in love with her, but her being too attached is a rumor that has surfaced before.

Either way, they're done, at least for now.

If Rihanna and Drake can't make it, who can?! We likely won't find out for some time, as she's sworn off relationships for the time being, an insider says.

Fortunately, Rihanna is now taking her mind off Drake by doing what she does best, posting racy pictures of herself on social media with suggestive captions.

“I turned your man down last night,” the 26-year-old wrote to no one in particular in the caption of one recent photo, adding. “Say thank you b-tch."

She's still got it. Thank you, b-tch.

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