Drake to Rihanna: You're Too Needy!

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Rihanna is supposedly pissed off at Drake after he told her she's too needy, making for the first-ever use of "Rihanna" and "needy" in the same sentence.

Drake, 27, and Rihanna, 26, have been distant lately after their romance had been heating up all year, and now a new report hints at the source of the friction:

“She’s mad at him a little bit because he told her ‘babe, you’re too needy. Let me hustle babe. Let me work.’ That really hurt her feelings," the insider dished.

"She really loves him and wants things to work out between them, but she doesn’t play when it comes to her heart and she’s letting Drake know about it."

She's doing that by creating distance between the two of them, the source says, as Drake’s comment has her into a funk she has yet to come out of:

“She’s being stubborn. When he told her she’s too needy, she was like ‘all right n---a, I’ll show you needy’ and [she's] been doing her own

"Tying to make him miss her. You know, all this high school s--t.”

Drake’s slip of the tongue, or whatever it was, seems atypical of his behavior with Rihanna. Is it possible he was half joking and not trying to hurt her?

“It wasn’t like he was trying to be mean," the source acknowledges.

"The way he delivered the message was [respectful]. He basically told her that he’s on a ‘serious paper chasing mission and wants to get all of it while the getting is good.’”

Perhaps she'll see it that way, too. The Drake and Rihanna relationship is "very much intact" and despite his "needy" comment, he can’t get enough of her.

“He sends texts ... he’s staying in constant communication,” the source revealed. “He knows she wants that face time and that's what he wants as well."

Water under the bridge? You tell us ... Rihanna and Drake:

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