Revenge Season 4: Now What?!?

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Have you recovered yet from the Revenge Season 3 finale?

From the deaths, the imprisonment and that stunning return?!?

Consider yourself SPOILER WARNED and read on for excerpts from an interview star Nick Wechsler conducted with Zap2It in anticipation of this fall's return...

Revenge Finale Scene

The return of David Clark: "That is huge! that changes everything. That changes the engine of revenge for next season. What are the implications? What does that mean? Was he allowing it to happen? Was he happy about it? Was he not?"

Is Conrad really dead? "I think this one has to stick and it kind of killed me because we all are just in love with Henry and we are losing a brilliant [actor]."

An Emily/Jack romance? "They're probably not available because of their heartbreak, but they're going through the same thing at the same time and there's a window now… if anything happens between them, it won't happen until the end of the series. I feel like to do it any sooner might compromise the morality of the show by suggesting you can go do this stuff and get the reward."

Does he know what's on tap for Season 4? Not yet. "I think it's a team effort. They're all already a bunch of chefs in the kitchen creating the meal, I just want to be like 'I like this seasoning and I think this would enhance it a little bit more.

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