Kristen Taekman on Ramona Singer Wine Glass Attack: No Hard Feelings!

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We know Ramona Singer is feisty at best, and unhinged at worst, but even those who watch The Real Housewives of New York City loyally were surprised this week.

Singer threw another drink at one of her adversaries in a temperamental fit, and this time, the wine glass was included along with the airborne beverage.

Amazingly, Kristen Taekman is taking it all in stride - even after calling Ramona out for gossiping about her and taking a glass to the face that cut up her lip.

At the time, the ladies were hanging out on the lake near Heather Thompson’s vacation home in the Berkshires, where Ramona could afford like 20 houses.

All was going relatively smoothly until Kristen Taekman, hearing Ramona talking about her with Sonja Morgan, decided to stage a (mostly) playful splash attack.

Singer's reaction? To berate Kristen before throwing a wine glass at her. Even this didn't make Ramona back off, but Kristen says it's just Ramona being Ramona.

"Ramona is definitely very intimidating," Taekman tells People.

"You are either on her good side or her bad side.”

However, the cast member notes that her issues with Ramona have come full circle, and that she didn’t hold a grudge against the often violent reality star.

“We’ve obviously all gone through a lot over the course of the season, so we all had our ups and downs," she said, insisting it's water under the bridge.

Ramona, for her part, surprisingly apologized via Twitter.

What did you think of Ramona Singer’s attack? Does she deserve Kristen Taekman’s forgiveness? And where and when will she strike next? Discuss!

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