Pato and Richie Main: "Face Time" Video Might Be The Weirdest Thing On YouTube

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Remember Rebecca Black's "Friday"? Well if not, congratulations on scrubbing that vicious ear worm from you brain.

Unfortunately, Partice Wilson, the man responsible for that musical travesty has continued making videos designed to make you pray that your friends will stop ironically posting them on Facebook.

This time Wilson (aka, "Pato," aka "Fat Usher"...seriously) has teamed up with some dude named Richie Main to create what has to be one of the weirdest professionally produced videos ever uploaded to YouTube.

What it makes it so weird, you ask? 

Well, there's the opening scene in which Pato and Richie have sex with an elderly woman using their sprouting tree penises.

Is that not weird enough for you? Don't worry there's plenty more:

Take, for example, the part where said plant wangs transform the old woman into a young chick who eats snakes head first. (Think there's some sort of suggestive metaphor there?)

We won't even get into the scene where she craps out an apple tree.

Naturally, the song itself is terrible, with bizarre, nonsensical lyrics about Skyping or something, but it's the video that really must be seen to be believed.

Of course, we should know by now to expect nothing less from the dude who gave us this gem: