Rebecca Black Watches "Friday" on Black Friday, Offers Analysis of Famous Work

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Two and half years after Rebecca Black unveiled her viral weekend anthem "Friday," she's shared another gem with us: Herself watching it and reacting.

The reason for the occasion? It was Black Friday, after all.

"This could either be the best decision of my life or the worst," Rebecca says in the intro, saying that she considers the day after Thanksgiving particularly special.

"I thought it was completely fitting... that it would go back and watch 'Friday' again and just give a few comments," she said, and so she did. Check it out:

Rebecca Black revealed a few behind-the-scene secrets from the original "Friday" video, like the fact that the family shown in the beginning is her actual family.

Nothing will compare to the original, though. Nothing.

No word if she plans to record a Cyber Monday anthem some year, although if you actually listen to her sing a song other than this, she's not terrible!

Case in point? Her acoustic cover of "We Can't Stop."

Seriously. Way more listenable than Miley's ...

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