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Earlier in this season of Game of Thrones, a controversial scene that appeared to feature non-consensual sex between a brother and sister ignited a firestorm of online outrage and debate.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau talks Game of Thrones Rape Scene

The actress who plays Cersei Lannister on the show, Lena Headey, defended the rape scene, claiming that while her character was reluctant at first, she eventually gave herself over to her brother’s advances.

The man responsible for the books upon which the series is based, George RR Martin, also responded to the controversial scene, claiming that while in his novel the sex is clearly consensual, he supports the decision of the show’s writers to portray it differently. 

Now Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, who portrays Jaime Lannister in the series and served as the aggressor in the much-discussed scene has expressed his views to GQ, and some are taking issue with what they feel are insensitive comments made by the actor:


"I think calling it ‘rape’ is like kind of forgetting who these characters are and what came before," says Coster-Waldau. "Cersei didn’t want to have sex there, but she was…I mean they were both so tormented emotionally."

"This is a one-armed man," Coster-Waldau adds. "She’s wearing lots of clothes…I don’t think it would be possible if she didn’t play along in some way."

Yeesh…we get his point that there were a lot of complex emotions wrapped up in that scene, but we can certainly see why Coster-Waldau claiming that it "wasn’t rape" in the same breath that he admits Cersei "didn’t want to have sex" has rubbed some people the wrong way.

We think most folks would rather just hear Nikolaj talk about rough sex with Kate Upton. That’s something everyone can enjoy:

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau on Kate Upton Sex Scene