Mom Gets "Stiffy" For Anniversary, Epically Fails at Texting

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Moms. Texting.

They go together like Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. Chris Brown and peaceful conflict resolution. Lindsay Lohan and sobriety. Kim Kardashian and privacy.

They're just not a terrific fit is what we're saying. We love moms, and we love texting, but certain things are simply not greater than the sum of their parts.

Well, except when it comes to unintentional comedy. You could make a strong case that moms and texting make for an amazing combination in that respect.

Case in point:

Epic Mom Texting Fail

To be fair, we've all been done in by auto-correct a time or 10. The end really solidifies this text exchange's place in the viral history books, though.

Classic mom.

Where does this rank among all-time bungled communications by parents trying to use phones? You be the judge. See other vintage mom texting fails below ...

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