Lindsay Lohan Parties at Cannes, Actually Looks Good?!

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Between the Kim Kardashian wedding and the Cannes Film Festival, all of Hollywood is in France this week, which means it's a good opportunity for Lindsay Lohan to do some networking. 

Usually, "networking" for LiLo means getting black-out drunk and posting topless photos to Instagram, but in pics from a party she attended last night, it looks like Linds at least showed up sober and she looks - dare we say - good!

Granted, these photos were taken early in the night and rumor has it Linds later got so drunk she was hanging on to her brother in an effort to remain upright, but hey, for a brief, shining moment she looked better than she has in years. It's about baby steps, people! 

No word on whether Linds later treated everyone to a rendition of the famous Lindsay Lohan drunk dance, aka "The Serpentine Cowgirl," but we're told she did show off her skills in the DJ booth. 

Yes, Lindsay is apparently a DJ. Perhaps she's created her own sub-genre: dub-stumble.

Normally we'd wonder what business a has-been like Lindsay could have at an international film festival, but if Kendall Jenner can go to Cannes, and Justin Bieber can run around the city busting out shirtless Tupac raps, we guess Lindsay has every right to attend, too.

Unlike those other two she did - at one point - work in the film industry.

Oh, and in case you thought/hoped we were kidding about that Tupac bit. Behold...Thugstin Bieber:


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