Lindsay Lohan: Drunk in London; Hiding From Oprah?

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Lindsay Lohan has been hanging out in London ever since news came that Oprah had canceled her reality show.

As you can tell from the pics below, Linds has been doing a lot of, um..."partying" across the pond, leading many to wonder if her latest bender was triggered by feelings that she'd let down Queen O.

Lindsay got drunk at Coachella a few weeks ago, but other than that stateside binge, she's been doing all of her boozing spending most of her time in the UK. 

So why would the reportedly cash-strapped star do her partying so far from home? So that Oprah doesn't find out!

Yes, Oprah is apparently so powerful that if you want to do something without her knowledge you better do it in another country!

A source tells London's The Mirror, "Lindsay is desperate to keep up appearances and while she isn't behaving all that badly, she knows Oprah will be furious to see her leaving clubs at 4 am."

The insider goes on to say that Linds resorted to wrapping scarves around her face when coming and going from clubs in order to avoid being recognized.

Lohan has reportedly returned to the US (I thought I smelled vodka and sadness) and while she has yet to respond to rumors about the relationship between Oprah and her latest bender, she has given friends a hilarious "official" reason for her time in London:

Apparently, Lindsay's recording an album! Ha!

She wasn't much of a singer when she was a kid and it seems unlikely that the intervening years of booze and cigarettes have done much for her voice, but we're praying that rumor is true, nonetheless.

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