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Kate Upton and Justin Verlander broke up last year and the pitching ace has been with the Detroit Tigers for his entire MLB career, so there are at least a couple good reasons these two shouldn’t be touring Boston’s Fenway Park together. And yet:

Looks like there’s some truth to those reports that Upton and Verlander are back together! Can you blame Justin for crawling back?

As for Verlander’s betrayal of his team: well, every player should be allowed at least one trip inside the legendary Green Monster. Besides, it’s not like he plays for the Yankees, and when you’re dating Kate Upton…you do what she wants.

Kate Upton and Husband
(Getty Images)

Kate and Justin have been extremely private about their relationship in the past, but Justin posted the above pics to Instagram over the the weekend with the caption: “Next time anyone visits inside the #greenmonster see if you can find our signature!”


Kate, of course, is only 21 and Justin is a full ten years older, which almost qualifies these two for our list of celebrity couples with massive age gaps but we don’t think anyone can fault Verlander for some light cradle robbery.

After all, this woman has taken bikini-wearing and elevated it to the level of an art form. Her accomplishments far outshine Justin’s measly two no-hitters. Check out the gallery below if you don’t believe us: