Kate Upton Wishes Frank Viola III Happy Birthday, Disses Justin Verlander

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Kate Upton wished a friend happy birthday this week with an e-card. Innocent enough, but the subtle dig at her ex is what has the sports world talking.

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Frank Viola III, son of the famed left-handed pitcher with a similar name, is one of Justin Verlander's best friends. Kate used to date Justin, the Tigers' ace.

Apparently, Kate's friendship with Frank survived while her romance with Justin did not. Her e-card to Viola, included in her Tweet, was a good one, saying:

"Happy birthday to a friend of a friend who I now like more than the original friend."

Upton and Verlander never actually said they were dating, although his grandfather confirmed it and there was plenty of other anecdotal evidence.

But no longer. Kate Upton is single, and has made a point of putting that out there.

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What's most noteworthy about this story is how relatable it is at its core.

Two people date, they meet their friend's friends, they break up, but don't necessarily stop being friends with the other new friends. Awkward and true.

Supermodels and baseball stars. They're just like us, right THGers?

Okay maybe not. We don't know anyone who looks like this ...

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