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We need to stop paying attention to Donald Sterling, we know.

Following his bizarre rant against Magic Johnson this week, combined with his generally racist views overall of course, the 80-year old Los Angeles Clippers is simply a vile human being unworthy of anyone’s time.

But new audio recordings of Sterling have been obtained by The Daily Mail and it’s our job to bring them to you.

In the latest ramblings, Sterling is allegedly talking to hip-hop artist Maserati as he refers to V. Stiviano as the "most discriminatory person I have ever met" because she wishes she were white.

He accuses Stiviano of being a “monster” who mistreats her own family and praises her as an "animal" in bed… even though it takes him an hour to get an erection. Sorry. But blame Sterling…

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Here’s a look at what celebrities have said about this terrible, terrible, terrible man: