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Hero Cat is the new Grumpy Cat … or something.

Tara, the brave feline who saved a boy from a dog attack out of nowhere, has become an instant celebrity online, and the interview requests are pouring in!

Hero Cat, whose real name is Tara, straight up RUINED the vicious dog that attacked the four-year-old in her family, chasing it away and saving the boy.

Now Cat Fancy wants her for its new cover!

Tara the Hero Cat Interview

The magazine is courting heroic Tara so hard that they’ve even offered to have her owners write an article to go with the photo spread. She’s A-list, baby.

Moreover, Cat Fanciers’ Association says it plans to present Tara with its first-ever Cat Hero Award at its upcoming awards show. Yes, that is a real thing.

Tara’s owners haven’t respond to either offer yet, but suffice it to say, they’re proud of the family pet – and grateful, as their son’s injuries could’ve been severe.

See the video below if you haven’t already:

Hero Cat Saves Boy, OWNS Dog

What a performance. Tara is a bad-ass cat!

The boy was bitten badly as he was ripped from his bike and dragged across the pavement by a neighbor’s rogue dog; imagine if Tara had not intervened.

No wonder cat lovers everywhere have been quick to embrace her and her story as the new poster child (kitty?) for their beloved four-legged friends.

Call her the Kate Upton of cats. The Cat Daddy, if you will. Or not, because Tara’s a girl … but speaking of Kate Upton and the Cat Daddy dance, enjoy:

Kate Upton