Candy Spelling to Tori Spelling: Stop Blaming Your Parents!

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It seems being cheated on by Dean McDermott isn't the only problem in Tori Spelling's personal life.

Tori's mom Candy has spoken out about the public trainwreck what is her daughter's life and, not surprisingly, she says she doesn't want to be blamed for her mess of a marriage.

In a new memoir, Candy writes of her relationship with Tori, "I am by no means saying I am the perfect mother now or that I didn't make mistakes while my children were growing up. Having said that, I also believe there is a time when you have to stop blaming your parents. Take responsibility for your own actions."

So Candy didn't come right out and say, "It's not my fault your marriage sucks and your husband is cheating on you," but the message is pretty clear.

Of course, Tori and Dean might be faking the affair for the sake of their reality show, but that doesn't make them any less messed up. 

Candy and Tori have had a tumultuous relationship over the years, with the mother and daughter going long stretches of time without speaking. 

Tori even avoided her mother at the 2006 funeral of her father, Aaron Spelling.

Candy also reveals in the book that Tori often demands that she make "extravagant purchases" and threatens to shut her out of her grandchildren's lives if Candy doesn't comply. 

Sounds like a lovely daughter.

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