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According to a new report, Kim Kardashian is a big fat liar.

(Okay, granted. According to a new set of Instagram photos, Kim Kardashian is a toned, well-sculpted liar. But still.)

Radar Online quotes a source who says Kim plans to deceive wedding guests this Saturday, telling them a cameraman on hand is her personal videographer… when, in reality, this individual will be filming on behalf of Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 9.

Kim did publicly say that they were keeping the wedding private, but Kris Jenner, was able to persuade the couple to allow cameras to film,” this insider alleges. “The couple will have the final say about how much of the event makes it onto the show.”

As previously reported, Jay Z and Beyonce have agreed to attend the event, under the condition that they are NOT featured on the family’s E! reality series.

“Guests will be asked to sign waivers allowing them to be filmed. Beyoncé and Jay Z will NOT be asked to sign the forms, and the crews have been instructed not to film them,” the source explains.

Only parts of the reception and ceremony will ever air, Radar concludes.

Of course, it remains unclear where the ceremony will even take place.

Italy? France? A super secret location that won’t be revealed until the final minute? Visit THG on Saturday to find out!

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