15 Alcoholic Celebrities: Stars Who Have Battled the Bottle and Won (or Lost)

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Between Channing Tatum's admission of alcoholism and a never-ending stream of glassy-eyed Lindsay Lohan party photos emerging from the actress' time in London, we thought it would be a good time to run down a list of celebs who have struggled with excessive drinking.

Some of the stars on this list consider themselves alcoholics, but have sobered up and now speak openly about their years of heavy boozing as a cautionary tale.

Others are still hitting the bottle and thus tend to be more secretive about their imbibing ... well except LiLo. Who else falls into each category? Let's take a look.

Hollywood and hooch have a long history together, dating back to Humphrey Bogart sipping real bourbon while shooting barroom scenes, reportedly never seeming to mind if he had to do 15 takes. 

But as times have changed, so have American attitudes toward excessive drinking.

We now know that for every amusing anecdote about a sloshed celeb stumbling down the red carpet, there's a far more grim story such as Derek Whibley's near-death experience.

The Sum 41 singer attributes his recent hospitalization to years of heavy boozing, claiming his liver and kidneys shut down and that one more drink would've killed him.

Don't get us wrong, we like a good drinking story as much as anyone, and it will always be a treat to hear about the time Jennifer Lawrence puked in front of Miley Cyrus after the Oscars. 

But there's a big difference between those who enjoy tipping a glass with friends now and then and those who rely on alcohol as their primary coping mechanism.

The stars in the gallery above all belonged to the latter category at one point.

So congrats to the ones who have sobered up and to those who haven't ... well, if you see your name on our list, it may be time to consider cutting back.

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