Debra Messing: Weight Loss Photo Stuns Internet!

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Debra Messing may not have starred in a lot of high-profile projects since her time on the long-running NBC sitcom Will & Grace, but the beloved actress has certainly kept her body in working shape.

The 45-year-oldĀ Messing posted the above photo online today, revealing a reported 20-pound weight loss.

The most stunning part? Debra says she dropped the pounds unintentionally.

Messing recently told People magazine that she made some major changes in her diet recently - not with the goal of losing weight, but simply because she blamed her low energy levels on her love of junk food.

"About two or three years ago, I made a very, very big change to the way I approach nutrition," said Messing. "I think it made a very big difference in the way I look, or at least the way I was perceived to look."

Messing recently divorced Daniel Zelman, but she says the change in her eating habits had nothing to do with her appearance or her return to the dating scene:

"I lost like 20 pounds," Debra adds. "It wasn't my intention. That wasn't why I made the change. I made the change because I was just tired all the time."

Messing says that before changing her nutritional tendencies, her diet consisted of "fast food and candy every day."

So yes, not only did Debra lose 20 pounds unintentionally, her previous (also slender) figure was the result of a daily fast food diet.

We know it's tempting to hate her, but just remember: she's a great comedic actress and, by all accounts, a generally pleasant person.

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