Tim Zickuhr, Ice Road Truckers Star, Charged with Kidnapping & Attacking Prostitute

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Tim Zickuhr of Ice Road Truckers fame is charged with first degree kidnapping, extortion, and coercion after allegedly abducting a Las Vegas prostitute.

He is also accused of forcing her to jump out of a second story window.

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According to the official police report, the prostitute goes by Snow White.

She told the cops that Tim Zickuhr hired her to perform "services" on December 18 and in doing so, he gave her his ATM card to withdraw her payment.

He accused the hooker of taking too much, though, and things got ugly.

Snow claims Tim set up a meeting at his apartment the next day to settle the dispute, and when she arrived, he attacked, punching her in the face.

He allegedly threatened to kill her if she didn't return the "stolen" cash.

If you believe her side, he didn't stop too far short of that threat, tying her up with backpack straps, beating her senseless and pouring cold water on her.

When he demanded a phone number of someone who could get him the money, Snow pulled a fast one and gave him Tim the number of a cop she knew.

Zickuhr actually called it, claiming he was ready to kill her over $1,000.

Tim and the police officer (unbeknownst to him) arranged a meeting, only Tim allegedly forced Snow White of out his second story window beforehand.

The officer eventually met and arrested the Ice Road Truckers star.

At that point, apparently Tim admitted it all - the phone calls, abusing the crap out of Snow White in the room and pushing her out of the window. Insane.

He is due in court in May and will likely be locked up for a WHILE.

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