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Over the past few weeks, Taylor Swift has left no doubt that she’s awesome.

The singer has visited multiple cancer patients and surprised a young woman at her bridal shower.

But while there’s no debate over Swift’s charitable side, a debate has broken out over the artist’s body; namely: is she too skinny?

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A couple Twitter users have called attention to Taylor’s shrinking frame over the past few days, prompting Radar Online to (hilariously) consult with a random nutritionist.

Where does Melanie McGrice come down on Swift’s frame?


She tells Radar:

"Taylor still appears to be within her healthy weight range. However, she is right on the lower end of the scale now. I wouldn’t want to see her losing anymore weight."

Elsewhere, registered dietician Dr. Susan Mitchell has never treated Swift, but does believe stars have a responsibility to be healthy not just for their own sake… but for the sake of their fans as well.

"Many young women want to emulate celebrities and try to look like them even when their body shape is not meant to,” Dr. Mitchell said. “Society… sends a message that you are not cool unless you look a certain way: very thin."

What do you think? Is Taylor Swift too thin?

Like the following stars, does she need to eat some pie?