Andre Johnson: Feeling "Blessed" After Loss of Penis

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The bizarre story of Andre Johnson's suicide attempt and self-mutilation got a little stranger yesterday as the rapper took to his Facebook page and seemed surprisingly tranquil given his circumstances.

Andre Johnson (Christ Bearer) Picture

Johnson posted a status update that read simply, "Peace - feeling blessed."

Naturally, this leaves followers to wonder if he's heavily medicated or simply grateful to be alive after jumping from a balcony in an apparent attempt to take his own life.

While the Wu-Tang Clan wants nothing to do with him, other rappers have spoken out in his defense - claiming that Johnson has no history of hard drug use.

Instead, they say, he suffers from profound mental illness. 

A friend of Johnson's - another rapper, who goes by the stage name Supreme - spoke with TMZ about the incident and says he saw nothing in Johnson that would indicate he would be capable of damaging himself so severely. 

Supreme says he never witnessed "any substance abuse" on the part of Johnson, who also goes by his stage name Christ Bearer, aside from casual marijuana and alcohol use. 

The rapper added that he had visited "Christ Bearer" in the hospital and he appeared to be in good spirits.

He then urged the media to "let the brother heal."

Meanwhile, John Wayne Bobbitt has spoken out about the situation, being one of the only people to live through anything like what the troubled rapper has.