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Her love life may be a mess and reports that Taylor Swift is too skinny for her own good have been all over the web lately, but judging from a recent vacation photo, the singer appears to be in good spirits…and great health!

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TayTay shared the above photo on Twitter and Instagram over with the weekend with the caption,"Looking for Easter eggs…."

So yeah, she offered no information about where she’s vacationing or who took the picture, but knowing Taylor’s history, the photographer probably got dumped seconds later for choosing the wrong filter.

Given her history of serial dating, with think it’s safe to say she’s traveling with the new dude in her life. And considering her strict set of standards we’re assuming Taylor’s man is hot, rich and speaks two languages.


Yes, Swifty’s given us a lot to make fun of over the years, but there’s no arguing with that bikini body.

You take with the good with the bad with this girl and a form like that will help us forgive a lot of ridiculous relationship choices.

And, of course, the "good" with Taylor includes visiting cancer patients and crashing the bridal showers of her biggest fans, so she’s got that going for her. She just needs make better selections in the boyfriend department and maybe start ordering dessert now and then.

Anyway, despite her many mistakes, Taylor’s heart always seems to be in the right place, so we hope she finds what she’s looking for, whether it’s Easter eggs or yet another famous boyfriend.