Scandal Season 3 Episode 18 Recap: Father Knows Best

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We only thought Cyrus Beene was the worst monster on Scandal, y'all! Rowan Pope just showed us how it's done! 

Scandal Season 3 Episode 18 might have put an early end to the season, but it was definitely a finale that left us counting down the days until October.

With a blown up church, a murderous and manipulative father, a double crossing agent, and plenty of setup for what's to come, you're going to want to watch Scandal online to see it all for yourself.

Or just read the THG recap below.

When last we saw Cyrus Beene he was sauntering merrily down a White House hallway, content with the knowledge that by letting the church blow up he was solidifying Fitz's reelection. 

It's hard to lose when there is no opponent.

But as he listened to Fitz's eulogy for the dead senator, he realized the error of his ways and decided to come clean. Too little too late.

The church blew up and Sally, coached by Leo Bergen, rode to the rescue, looking like Mother Teresa and soaring in the polls.

Olivia, meanwhile, was accompanying her now-stabbed father to the hospital where he recovered "miraculously" after Mama Pope's knife came just inches from his heart. 

Newsflash: if Mama Pope had wanted him dead, he would be dead. She confirmed as much in Scandal Season 3 Episode 18 when she showed up in his hospital room.

After broadcasters ran with Sally on the sound bites instead of Fitz, Fitz realized that this was his chance to divorce his wife and move to Vermont to make jam and babies with his mistress. But Olivia came clean to him about Mellie's rape and how that had changed their marriage. He consoled his wife while Olivia went to see Rowan.

Olivia, near tears, told her father that Fitz was going to lose the election and Rowan Pope's wheels started turning.

When Fitz and his family took the stage to make a pre-election appearance, Jerry, who, as it turns out IS Fitz' son, dropped to the stage and later died of a mysterious case of military grade bacterial meningitis. 

Assuming Maya Pope had stolen it, Fitz gave Rowan carte blanche to do what he needed to do to see that Maya Pope was eliminated. Rowan Pope was all too happy to oblige his request.

Little did Fitz know he was absolving the man who ordered a hit on his son. That'll be interesting when it comes to light in Scandal season 4. 

As will the fact that Huck's family is alive and living right there in D.C. 

Charlie handed over information about their whereabouts during his breakup with Quinn, and Quinn, being the person she is, decided Huck needed to know that he could see his family if he wanted. 

The opportunity caused him great distress but eventually, thanks to help from Olivia, he decided that hey deserved to know he was still alive. Dead wasn't better.

Olivia, however, decided that leaving was the best choice and took her father up on his earlier offer to use his plane to take her wherever she wanted to go. She took Jake with her so that they could stand in the sunshine together.

Jake smiled as they boarded the aircraft, partly because he was with Olivia but also because before leaving he sent a special delivery to David Rosen which will either get David killed or turn him into Edward Snowden

Switzerland isn't a terrible place to live, right? 

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