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Rumors surfaced today that the popular Nickelodeon series Sam and Cat has been secretly canceled by the network. Speculation was spurred by a Hollywood Reporter article that refers to the show in the past tense.

News outlets have paid an unusual amount of attention to the cancelation of a sitcom targeted at pre-teens, as these rumors come on the heels of the Ariana Grande nude photo scandal, and many are wondering if the actress’ indiscretion is to blame. 

Of course, Grande wasn’t the only Sam and Cat star to be embroiled in controversy. Co-star Jennette McCurdy’s lingerie photos that leaked online in early March proved incredibly popular online and incredibly embarrassing to the network.

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Though both stars are of legal age to pose in whatever type of photo they please, some industry insiders have speculated that Nick would like to avoid becoming the next Disney by cutting ties with the two young stars before they generate any more bad press.


Shortly after her pics were leaked, McCurdy made public a feud she was having with her bosses at Nickelodeon.

Many speculated the beef stemmed from the actress’ photo scandal, but it turns out it was the difference between McCurdy and Grande’s salaries that nearly caused McCurdy to walk off set.

All in all, it’s a lot of scandal for a basic cable sitcom for middle-schoolers. So while the cancelation rumors haven’t been confirmed by stars or the network, we wouldn’t be surprised to hear an official announcement within the next few days.