Brian Williams Makes Like Snoop Dogg, Loves "Gin and Juice"

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Who knew Brian Williams was so gosh darn gangsta?

A couple months after dazzling viewers with a lip-dubbed version of Rapper's Delight, the NBC news anchor is now back with his unique take on "Gin and Juice."

As cobbled together by Jimmy Fallon and his Tonight Show staff, pieces of Williams' broadcasts have been edited into an unexpected take on the 1990s West Coast rap masterpiece.

Brian Williams rapping about the party still bumpin' 'cause his mama ain't home, sippin' on Tangueray and smokin' a fat ass J of bubonic chronic so dope it makes him choke?

Okay, he doesn't get that far in the song, but still: Epic.

Among other recent lip-dub classics, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton sort of teamed up a few weeks ago on "Timber." You can imagine how that went.

Here's a look at more we love, from Brian and others:

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