Rihanna: Nude Photos BANNED By Instagram!

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Rihanna posted topless photos to Instagram yesterday in clear violation of the site's terms of service, but because this is topless Rihanna we're talking about, it seemed at first that the powers that be were willing to let it slide.

Yesterday afternoon, however, an American tragedy took place on Insta' as the site's administrators politely asked RiRi to remove her glorious nudes.

Rihanna was apparently threatened with suspension of her account if she didn't remove the photos, so she would did what any stone cold (and probably stoned) rebel would do: deleted the pics and immediately posted them to Twitter.

But RiRi didn't stop there.

Apparently upset about being censored, the singer used Instagram's own platform against them posting this hilarious gem to - you guessed it - Instagram:

Rihanna Instagram Diss

That'll teach 'em to not have rules about posting pornographic selfies!

Look, we're never in favor of people making it more difficult to see Rihanna naked, but these policies exist for a reason.

For every Rihanna there are 10,000 people that no one wants to see naked, who would happily post nude photos of themselves to Instagram if the site allowed it.

We appreciate that you're taking a stand, RiRi, but we'd just as soon sit this one out.

Besides, just because you can't find naked Rihanna pics on Instagram, doesn't mean you can't find them anywhere else on the Internet. We recommend starting with the gallery above.

Then move on to the gallery below.

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