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Rumors that the controversial Juan Pablo Galavis said “I love you” to Nikki Ferrell took Bachelor Nation by storm this week, but were they even true?

He’s playing it typically close to the vest if so.

Those adorable photos of them flirting and hanging out at wedding chapels recently may have been just for show, or at least not quite what we thought they were.

A reporter caught up with the duo when they were in Vegas and asked about the big L-word rumor. Juan Pablo’s response? “There’s no need to rush anything.”

Always a charmer.

Nikki Ferrell agreed with him (big surprise there) and said when it’s right, it will be right. Man, this girl is hooked on the Juan Pablo Kool-Aid, isn’t she?

While all couples have their own definition of love and chart their own course for the future, it’s pretty clear that “it was right” for Nikki about six months ago.

From what we can tell, she’s been ready to say “I love you” for months since she won. Now they’ve been FREE of the evil Bachelor franchise for another month.

Makes you think.

Is she just cluelessly carrying on, under his spell and delusional in thinking one day he’ll change? Are they just trying to extend their 15 minutes of fame?

Or are they genuinely happy together and simply keeping it to themselves, while feeling like they have nothing to prove to the public or to their doubters?

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Will it last?