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Video exists of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford smoking crack, though the politician says he was too drunk to remember if this actually took place or not.

Still, Ford is permitted to travel freely around the world.

Nigella Lawson? Not so much.

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The celebrity chef was not permitted to board a flight out of London on Sunday – bound for a wedding in Los Angeles – due to her past admission that she snorted cocaine several times and smoked pot in front of her kids.


Sources confirm that Lawson made it through security at Heathrow Airport, but was then informed she had to return to the first-class check-in area to retrieve her baggage.

“She didn’t seem to say much, but she did not look happy,” a witness says. “She could not get on the flight so she had to turn around and leave.”

Lawson is the author of “How To Be A Domestic Goddess” and serves as a panelist on ABC’s The Taste. She’s had a rough few months.

The star’s marriage to Charles Saatchi fell apart last June when pictures surfaced of the multi-millionaire mogul strangling Lawson at a London restaurant.

The couple is now divorced and Lawson subsequently testified at the fraud trial of former assistants Francesca and Elisabetta Grillo, where she was asked accusations of drug abuse.

“I did not and do not have a drug problem. I had a life problem. I decided to address that,” she told the court.