Matt Adams Shoves Fan Catching Foul Ball, Gets Middle Finger

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St. Louis Cardinals first baseman Matt Adams has only played one full season in the majors, but you'd think by now he would know one of the most important rules in sports:

Hst because you didn't make the play, doesn't mean you need to make an a$$ of yourself.

During a Cardinals road game against the Reds, Adams attempted a dive for a foul ball only to be thwarted by a front row fan who made the catch instead.

A frustrated Adams shoved the fan, who responded by coolly waving the ball in Adams' face before giving him the finger. Talk about insult to injury!

It's important to note here that Adams wasn't "robbed" and the fan didn't interfere with on-field play. He made a clean catch on a ball that entered the stands.

Adams, for his part, reacted like a toddler who's had a toy taken away.

In the most baffling baseball news since the David Ortiz-Obama selfie, it seems the MLB has no plans to discipline Adams, which means it's apparently okay for players to get into physical altercations with fans now.

Good news for roid-raged hotheads. Bad news for fans.

In a final embarrassment for Adams, his ugly incident isn't even our favorite viral video of the day. That would be this FedEx driver chasing his own van.

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