FedEx Fail: Driver Forgets to Turn Off Truck In Hilarious Viral Video

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If you think you're having a rough day at work, check out this viral video of a FedEx driver effing up in the most epic fashion imaginable.

At first, it first it seems the dogs are gonna be the stars of the show and while their awesome reactions to the mayhem certainly add to the hilarity, it's this unidentified delivery man and his unsuccessful efforts to save his van (and probably his job) that make this video a classic.

This random security cam footage gets better every time you watch it. You may think you've enjoyed everything it has to offer, but it takes a second or third viewing to appreciate details like the running dog painted on the side of the van or the way the driver slumps over in defeat when he realizes the truck won this round. 

Despite the rogue delivery truck ghost riding across two side streets, no one was harmed in the making of this fail footage. Although, one dude may have gotten fired.

Sadly, there's been no follow-up news regarding the name of the driver, why in the hell he forgot to turn his van off or whether he somehow managed to keep his job.

We'll keep you updated as these details inevitably emerge and the delivery man schedules his appearance on Tosh.0

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