Lorde Meets George Brett: The Royal That Inspired 'Royals'

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Lorde has openly discussed her love of all things regal (her stage name is a feminized take on the noble title), but it was a different kind of Royal that inspired her 2013 breakthrough hit.

Lorde and George Brett

Lorde credits a photo of baseball legend George Brett signing autographs in his Kansas City Royals uniform with giving her the idea for the title of her first single. 

Brett was touched by the tribute and the 60-year-old Hall of Famer and 17-year-old hitmaker have been trying to coordinate a meet and greet for almost a year.

George was forced to miss Lorde's recent tour stop in Kansas City, but he sent her a signed jersey with the inscription, "Lorde, you're royal to me." 

With their hectic schedules, it was beginning to look as though the two stars from very different walks of life would never cross paths. But last night in Vegas, it finally happened:

Lorde's people contacted Brett upon learning they would both be in the city at the same time. They arranged a time to meet up and Lorde posted a photo of the unlikely besties to Twitter.

Lorde reportedly told Brett that his signed jersey is "the coolest thing" she owns.

No word on how Lorde's boyfriend James Lowe feels about her apparent infatuation with the iconic first baseman.

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