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Whoa. We all know lying is one of the only things Lindsay Lohan does well (the others all involve different orifices), but in her recent interview with Kode magazine, the "actress" has finally gone too far by leveling accusations against flawless Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence.

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In the interview, Linds throws serious shade on Ms. Lawrence when she indirectly accuses America’s Sweetheart of sleeping her way to the top.

When asked about Jen falling at the Oscars, Lindsay reportedly pouted and angrily replied, "She’s so fake and I’m sorry, I’m not going to f*ck for roles."

Yup. She went there.  

This, of course, is the latest in a recent string of classy moves from Lindsay, including possibly faking a miscarriage to get out of work. 


J-Law is unlikely to address these charges, what with her being a sane, intelligent person who actually has a career and doesn’t want to get caught up in Lindsay’s crack drama. 

So allow us to reply for her: 

Lindsay, you are a terrible actress and a worse human being. We understand that you think you can elevate yourself by dragging other people down, but really, talking trash about the people you clearly envy just provides further evidence of what everyone already knows: you’re a sad, spiteful liar and you’ll continue to sabotage yourself personally and professionally until you disappear from public view altogether.

Glad we cleared that up.