Justin Bieber Visits Japanese Orphanage: See the Video!

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Now this is the Justin Bieber we know and love!

The singer, who is traveling with his mother and a friend overseas, shared a video on Instagram today of his visit to an orphanage in Japan.

"Love these kids!!" the Canadian singing wrote as a caption to him being rather sweet and cute himself:

Earlier in the week, Bieber made a pretty big mistake when he accidentally honored a few Japanese war criminals on Twitter.

But he quickly corrected himself and apologized.

"In Japan and JB just randomly decided to show up at an orphanage and surprise some kids. #SoProud," Patti Mallette Tweeted in response to this showing.

Bieber appears to be on a much improved path these days.

By his own admission, the artist has learned a lot in the past year and he hasn't gotten arrest or ran afoul of the law in any way in weeks.

The star, meanwhile, was just granted a delay in his upcoming Miami DUI trial. His next scheduled sounding date is June 25 and his trial date now scheduled for July 7.


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