LeAnn Rimes: Brandi Glanville Self-Destructing Is Totes Awesome!

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The upside of being a reality TV star is that you can make a lot of money without doing any real work. But as Brandi Glanville is learning - one sharp downside of living life in front of the camera is that all your enemies know when you're effing up.

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Brandi has been having a very public hard time lately with reports circulating that she gets drunk on the Celebrity Apprentice set to cope with the pressure of feuding with her co-stars.

Brandi's feud with Kenya Moore is said to have triggered an epic meltdown and her longtime rival LeAnn Rimes is reportedly loving her view of the trainwreck.

"Brandi has gone out of her way to bring LeAnn down in the past," says a source close to Rimes. "So it's no exaggeration to say LeAnn loves hearing that she's self-destructing so spectacularly."

The feud between the two ladies of course dates back to Rimes' 2009 affair with Glanville's then-husband Eddie Cibrian.

The ensuing years haven't cooled these two down at all and they were reportedly back at it just last week when LeAnn threw a birthday party for Brandi's son without inviting the Real Housewife. 

"Brandi thought competing on Celebrity Apprentice would improve her image and she could reinvent herself," the insider says. "Instead it's been a nightmare. And topping it off, she knows LeAnn is loving every minute of her demise."

"Demise," may be a bit strong, but we guess Brandi's latest troubles mark a minor victory for LeAnn in this ongoing war.

Who are you rooting for? Team LeAnn or Team Brandi?

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