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Well, at least she’s honest.

Kaley Cuoco covers the new issue of Cosmopolitan and inside the magazine, the actress gives a revealing interview in which she reveals the true secret to her success:

Banging famous dudes.

Yes, surprisingly, Kaley admits that for most of her current fans, it was her relationship with Henry Cavill that took her from nobody to known entity.

“I had no one following me until I met Superman,” says Kaley.

“I’ve been in this business for 20 years, and my whole life, I could go anywhere, do anything. There had not been one paparazzi photo of me until like several months ago.”

The surprising display of honesty continued as Kaley admitted that she frequently Googles herself and updates her style based on hater feedback:

“I started reading [the social media comments] and thought, Maybe I need to make more of an effort and not go out in my UGGs and be disgusting,” the actress said.

“So I started putting on makeup.”

The Big Bang Theory star basically stopped just short of admitting she dated Cavill to help her career and now spends her nights sitting around reading Tweets about herself.

But at least she’s famous, which is all that really matters, right? After all, only famous people can get away with crap like Kaley’s fake punk haircut.