Justin Bieber: Singing About Sizzurp?

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Justin Bieber has gone from tween popstar to wannabe thug right before our eyes, so it's no surprise that - according to rumors - Justin loves sizzurp, the intoxicating codeine and cough syrup concoction popular among rappers.

What is surprising is that the Biebs is now expressing his love for the "purple drank" in song form, just as his battered reputation is in desperate need of rehab.

The above song, entitled "We Were Born For This" was just uploaded to Soundcloud by Bieber yesterday, and it features some lyrics that have fans concerned for Justin's well-being.

One verse includes the lines: "Boys and girls, they don't know what love is like, Love is appreciation in a double cup of sprite."

That rhyme may sound harmless to most, but to those familiar with sizzurp culture, the reference is clear:

Sizzurp is usually made by mixing codeine-laced cough syrup with alcohol, hard candy and  - you guessed it  - Sprite.

Seems unlikely that Biebs would name-check the citrusy soda in a love song if he hadn't intended it as a veiled reference to his favorite party enhancer.

As for the "double cup" line, that's believed to be a reference to the practice of sipping sizzurp from a doubled-up styrofoam cup in order to keep the sludgy mixture from seeping through. 

So that's what love is like in Bieber World. It's not hard to see many of his young fans are upset.

Bieber's sizzurp swilling ways reportedly once threatened his relationship with Selena Gomez and his new song makes it sound as though the superstar singer prefers his "drank" to the company of any girl.

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