Justin Bieber: Busted Drinking Sizzurp?

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One step forward, two steps back for Justin Bieber?

Yesterday, the singer referred to Selena Gomez as an elegant princess, causing many to think he had to turned a mature corner and was on a path toward redemption.

Following months of inappropriate behavior and general dickishness, this would have been a welcome departure from the new normal. Alas, it was not to be.

Bieber was caught on camera heading to an Atlanta nightclub last night and holding a styrofoam cup, which is generally used when one wants to gulp down some sizzurp.

Alleged insiders close to him have said the 20-year-old singer is pretty much hooked on this mixture of codeine and promethazine at this point.

Insiders have also said that Bieber is doing so many drugs while spending a lot of time in Atlanta these days, with marijuana and sizzurp (aka "lean") his main substances of choice.

According to TMZ, Bieber has told his bodyguards to make sure no one sees him holding a styrofoam cup, which has actually been why so many security members have gotten into fights with photographers.

Along those lines, allow us to inform Justin that TMZ obtained this surveillance video, not THG.

Tell your bodyguards to brawl with them.

And then stop acting like such an idiot, dude. If you're gonna do drugs, at least do them in private.

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