Cameron Diaz: I've Been With a Lady Before!

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Cameron Diaz has been saying all kinds of wonderful things recently while promoting her new film The Other Woman, but the best yet may have come last night when the star gleefully admitted to Bravo's Andy Cohen that she's "been with a lady."

Sadly, Cameron then clarified her statement, pointing out to Cohen that he "didn't ask explicitly how" she was with a lady.

Even with that technicality, we think the message is clear: Cameron has - as Cohen would put it - "swam in the lady pond" on at least one occasion.

Diaz already stated that she believes "all women are kind of lesbians" and she's certainly not shy about her own sexuality.

In addition to opening up about her views on infidelity and bisexuality in recent interviews, Cameron also stars in the upcoming comedy Sex Tape, in which she takes it all off to get down with co-star Jason Segel.

Unfortunately, Cameron didn't go on to detail any romantic encounters with her co-star Kate Upton, but she did talk about her relationship with ex-boyfriend Alex Rodriguez of the Yankees.

Asked to name the best and worst things about dating a baseball player, Cameron replied, "I think schedule and schedule."

We were hoping for an answer more along the lines of, "Steroid shrinkage and the fact that he's not a woman!"

Oh, well. Can't win 'em all!


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