Jennifer Lawrence Engagement Ring Revealed in Paparazzi Flip-Off?

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Jennifer Lawrence was out on the town being her awesome self last night when she encountered some overly-aggressive paparazzi and responded in awesome fashion.

Not only did J-Law flip the bird to the nasty paps, she may have also made the coolest engagement announcement in recent memory.

That's Jen giving the one-digit salute in London and revealing a heart-shaped turquoise ring on her commitment finger.

We've heard rumors that Jennifer and Nicholas Hoult are engaged before and even though Jen's rock is certainly not a diamond, the ring has been taken as confirmation that she's soon to be hitched.

After all, a modern non-traditional girl like Jen would likely favor a unique engagement ring and celebs avoiding diamonds for socially-conscious seems to be all the rage these days.

Speaking of rage, Jennifer certainly looks pissed in that photo. Wonder what the paps were shouting to make her lose her cool.

Maybe they brought up Lindsay Lohan's accusation that Lawrence has sex for movie roles.

That would be enough to make any woman angry...especially if she were in the presence of her new fiance!

Well, if the rumors are true we'd like to offer our congrats to Hoult and America's Sweetheart. Looks like the rest of the world's loss is Nick's gain!

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