Dani Alves Shows Up Racist Fan, Eats Thrown Banana

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Sorry, Donald Sterling. But you don't have the market on sports racism cornered.

During a match yesterday between FC Barcelona and Villarreal, Dani Alves was taking a corner kick when an obnoxious fan threw a banana on to the field.

How did the star respond? By popping the item into his mouth!

"Dani Alves owned him," teammate Neymar Tweeted after the game. "Take That bunch of Racists. We are all Monkeys So What."

Alves, 30, posted a clip of the maneuver on Instagram after the match and joked that his father always told him to eat bananas in order to avoid cramping.

"We have suffered this in Spain for some time," the Brazilian said in January 2013 after another case of fan abuse. "You have to take it with a dose of humor."

He certainly did that here. Bravo.