Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 20 Recap: Did That Really Just Happen?

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Thursday's Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 20 saw Cristina Yang not take home the Harper Avery Award in what can only be described as a shocker.

Seriously?! Seriously ... how did she not win the thing?

After a slew of recent Cristina-centric episodes (watch Grey's Anatomy online to catch up) were seemingly constructed as a buildup to this defining moment.

It may prove defining, alright, but not how we expected.

Could this frustrating, disheartening loss be the catalyst for Cristina leaving the hospital, which we know will happen as Sandra Oh is out after Season 10?

That would certainly constitute the proverbial curveball.

Change is coming, no question about it, and fast. As Cristina was left reeling, nearly everyone else was having trouble with juggling their own responsibilities ...

  • Derek was overwhelmed, canceling lectures, pushing surgeries and focusing on his project with the POTUS, not to mention being a dad.
  • Calzona stepped in to help with child care and relied on a coin toss to decide which one of them would carry their baby (Callie "won").
  • Alex was struggling to work days at his private practice and nights at the hospital, not to mention trying to have a relationship with Jo.
  • Jackson and April argued over how to raise their future children, with the former admitting he respects her but has faith only in science.
  • Bailey was excited again about her project as she worked on the bubble boy case, while the family with the heart issues got some bad news.

How do you think Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 20, "Go It Alone," will help shape Cristina's exit, Burke's return and the rest of the spring?

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