Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 18 Recap: The Girls Tell ALL

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Last week's Dance Moms reunion show brought us up to date on where Kelly, Cathy and Abby Lee Miller stand at the present time. Now it's the girls' turn.

There's apparently "no moms allowed" on Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 18 ... meaning that they should just rename the show Dance. Just kidding.

Maddie and Chloe got most of the questions, and it's clear that while they compete against one another (and have since age four), Chloe and Maddie are close.

Asked if Abby Lee Miller yells at her, Maddie gets upset when Abby says she can do this or that and she can't; Maddie also basically lives at the studio.

Payton joins Chloe and Nia to talk about being constantly kicked off the team only to return; Payton thinks Abby uses her to tell a story ... a very weird story.

Nevertheless, Payton doesn't really care because she wants to be on the team. That's what set her mom off, though, as you know if you watch Dance Moms online.

Other highlights from part two of the reunion ...

  • Asia and McKenzie, brought on stage, say they're pals.
  • Mackenzie's favorite part of Dance Moms is the singing.
  • Asia thinks she may become Katy Perry in two years.
  • Chloe, tearing up, says Brooke always gets the boys.
  • Kendall, Maddie and Chloe call all the moms crazy.
  • Vivi-Anne likes Cathy as her mom first and foremost.

Until the next competition or Abby Lee fight ...

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