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Columbus Short may be off Scandal.

But he isn’t done creating scandals of his own.

Mere days after Short confirmed his departure from the aforementioned ABC hit, the actor’s estranged wife (Tanee) alleges he broke into the couple’s home and totally ransacked the residence.

The Hollywood Gossip

In new court documents filed this week, Tanee claims Short violated his restraining order over Easter weekend when he broke a door of its hinges inside her house, tore off her bed sheets and left many lights on.

Short’s wife now says she is afraid for her life and for the life of her daughter.


Earlier in April, Tanee accused Short of threatening her life with a knife. She obtained a restraining order as a result, but the actor believes it doesn’t apply to their home because his name is on the lease.

Short was also recently arrested on battery charges stemming from his role in a bar brawl on March 15.

Short starred on Scandal since the opening episode, portraying a fixer named Harrison Wright. But his character was left in peril on the Scandal Season 3 premiere. We don’t think he’ll be making it out alive.