Cressida Bonas Dumps Prince Harry, Royal Source Confirms ... Is It Over For Good?

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Cressida Bonas has reportedly broken up with Prince Harry. Is it all over for William's brother and the gorgeous young woman many thought would be his wife?

The same day as Kate Middleton and Prince William celebrate their third anniversary, reports of Harry's romance in ruins have hit celebrity news outlets.

But are they legitimate? That's far from clear.

What we do know is that earlier this year, it seemed like Cressida Bonas was a sure thing to marry Harry at best, or moving in that direction at worst.

Harry was moving her gently into his royal circles and it appeared that an engagement announcement would be happening eventually, if not immediately.

In recent weeks, however, things have cooled off. Why?

Speculation increased that Harry’s friends were warning him about Cressida because of her immaturity and apparent reticence against the royal family.

Now “sources” claim Harry and Cressida are over:

"The pair apparently decided to go their separate ways after [Cressie] told Harry that she doesn’t want to marry into the royal family, according to tabloid reports."

"Harry wants to settle down and get married just like his brother, Prince William. But Cressie is still young and had huge reservations about marrying."

"They had a chat over the weekend and decided it’s best they cool things off. Harry’s hoping she’ll change her mind, but for now the romance is very much off.”

We cannot confirm this celebrity gossip rumor.

Considering the unsourced reports that have surfaced regarding the overlooked royal couple, it seems premature to stick a fork in Harressie just yet.

Still, if there's trouble in paradise, it's much better to figure that out now than after it's already too late to go back. They can't all be William and Kate ...

UPDATE: It looks like the split is for real ...

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