Chris Brown: Furious Over Trial Delay, "Broken" By Jail!

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Chris Brown is said to be furious by the fact that his assault trial has been pushed back until today, and feels that the legal system is "failing him."

His bodyguard was convicted of assault Monday stemming from an altercation in D.C., with Brown's trial up next. The proceedings begin Wednesday.

That extra day and a half of waiting is said to have "broken” Chris Brown, who already endured a brutal trip across the U.S. via Con Air to stand trial.

Every extra second he spends behind bars is torture for him, according to reports, as he feels he's wrongly accused and being treated like a caged animal.

Chris hopes that his bodyguard, Christopher Hollosy, will testify to his innocence today, but either way, the R&B star is a shell of his former self.

“He’s not happy, he’s been broken and he’s stuck in jail. This is bulls--t,” a source close to the singer says. “His bodyguard already told police he’s guilty."

"So why is Chris still in jail?”

“He didn’t have anything to do with this from the jump and he feels this guy is going after him for money and fame and just because he’s Chris Brown."

Who is this source, Ne-Yo?

“It’s nonsense and at the end of the day, he has his freedom and Chris doesn’t. It’s very simple, Chris did not hit anybody!” the insider laments.

The courts will decide that, although he will reportedly be seeking revenge on the alleged victim if and when he is released from police custody.

“He will go after this dude and sue him for extortion,” the source reveals. “He really believes this man lied to police, accused Chris of hitting him."

"All so he could sell his story and then try to pinch Chris for money. That’s just not cool because Chris‘ life is on the line and he didn’t do a thing.”

Stay tuned.


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