Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 17 Recap: A Reunion For the Ages

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Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 17 marked the hit show's reunion special, and there sure is a lot to rehash after the explosive events of this spring.

Between Kelly Hyland fighting Abby Lee Miller, Abby's mother passing away, the end of The Streak and the introduction of a new team? A lot of drama.

As such, the reunion was basically a continuation of the 16-episode argument that you've already seen if you watch Dance Moms online. Good. Times.

Before any barbs are traded, producer Jeff Collins offers Abby Lee Miller condolences for the loss of her mother. It's touching, sad and poignant.

Then it's down to business as he asks Abby’s opinion on what was easily the most talked about moment of the season, when Kelly Hyland came at her.

Not unlike Kenya Moore, Abby says she didn't “sign up” to be hit in the face and acts like she's above it all despite her clear verbal assault and provocation.

Obviously, we don't advocate Abby Lee getting clocked in the grill, but we're also not surprised or all that sympathetic, because ... it's Abby Lee.

When you antagonize people like it's your job - even before you get all up in their personal space and start waving fingers - tempers will be on the rise.

Of course, Abby is the queen of dishing it out. Not taking it. She has an excuse for everything and is always able to deflect blame. It's almost impressive.

Abby can't produce a legit reason for why she can't find anyone to compete against Maddie, but darned if she doesn't believe her own load of BS.

Infuriated, Christi believes all the girls work just as hard as Maddie, but it's not fair as Maddie and Mackenzie are home schooled and can practice more.

To Abby, that's just proving her point. Look at the dedication!

Christi storms off the stage and proclaims herself "DONE" with Dance Moms, which as we all know means she'll be back, just hating Abby a little extra.

Sure enough, there she is, and it's still Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 17! Abby, for her part, is steadfast and doesn’t really deny telling Maddie to lie.

Apparently done with lying for the night, instead she changes course and decides to loudly profess she decides who dances. The end. Well then.

On that note, Abby has always decided when Payton gets to compete on the team, which irks Leslie, a.k.a. the “Energizer battery that doesn’t quit.”

Payton won’t ever be on the elite team. Leslie doesn't get it.

Abby didn’t choose Payton to be on her other hand-picked “select ensemble” team. The writing is on the wall. Time for this Dance Mom to read it.

Finally, Cathy makes a classic appearance, declaring that Abby is the joke and that Abby’s choreography is "elementary," which is pretty hilarious.

To close things out on Lifetime, Kira then makes a cameo to say her experience on the show has been a positive one for both her and her daughter.

Was she on a different show we don't know about?

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