Bryan Singer: Michael Egan Timeline, Selective Memory Don't Add Up

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Bryan Singer is firing back at sexual assault accuser Michael Egan, saying he was not even in the same state during the period he allegedly raped him.

Michael Egan claims in a new lawsuit that the X-Men director anally raped him and forced hard drugs on him during two separate trips to Hawaii in 1999.

Singer will reportedly file credit card bills and various other documents proving he was in Toronto during the time frame in question, shooting the first X-Men.

The 31-year-old man accusing Bryan Singer of sexual assault claims he didn't remember the incident until recently, which Singer also says should clear him.

Egan filed a lawsuit over a series of L.A. pool parties alleging sexual abuse against three other men in 2000, with a clear memory of what they alleged did.

Singer was not named in that lawsuit, despite Egan's claim that at one of these parties, Singer forced Egan to perform oral sex on him when he was just 15.

He's very graphic, comparing himself to a piece of meat and saying that Singer held his head underwater and forced him to orally copulate the director.

In the 2000 lawsuit, however, he accuses Marc Collins-Rector, who owned the party house, and two other men. Singer was NOT named or even referenced.

Egan ended up getting a default judgment of more than $2 million, but Collins-Rector and the others left the country so Egan was paid virtually nothing.

Not unlike Wade Robson's molestation accusation against Michael Jackson, Egan now said he blocked the incident out and numbed himself with alcohol.

Recently, he got sober and started therapy, which unleashed a flood of bad memories involving Singer. The director claims this is all totally bogus.

Sources connected to Singer says it's absurd that Egan remembered the party in such vivid detail as to three other men but repressed memories of Singer.

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