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Sorry, Zac Efron. But your friends aren’t buying.

Late Sunday night, the actor was at the center of a bloody brawl in a shady area of Los Angeles, one known for gang-related activity and drug dealing.

His supposed bodyguard then came out and told TMZ that he and Efron were simply driving to a sushi restaurant when they ran out of gas… and that Efron saved his life by fighting off transients with a vodka bottle.

Zac Efron: Beat Up on Skid Row?

But those close to the former High School Musical star are skeptical.


"Zac’s a loner," one pal tells TMZ. "He goes out rarely and the idea of him driving for miles to go to some sushi restaurant in downtown L.A. after midnight is preposterous."

The alternative, sadly, is not a positive scenario.

According to reports, Efron has been to rehab twice for an addiction to cocaine and it is now feared he’s fallen off the wagon.

Zac Efron: Why Was He Attacked?

In fact, the man who was with Zac, who claims to be his bodyguard, is actually a convicted drug dealer.

He alleges he was stabbed multiple times by men with whom he and Efron became entangled, but police say only Efron was bleeding when they arrived on scene; his unnamed acquaintance was just sitting to the side, texting.

Efron has lost touch with most of his friends over the past few months as he slipped farther and farther into a dangerous abyss.

Is it too late for him to be saved? Let’s hope not.