Scandal Season 3 Episode 13 Recap: What. Just. Happened.

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Scandal Season 3 Episode 13 picked up after we saw Harrison and Abby save David Rosen's life in the last installment, with the Daniel Douglas scandal still a focal point.

Needless to say, Olivia faced a difficult moral predicament upon learning the truth about Daniel's murder. Would she stand by the administration or do the right thing?

Meanwhile, Cyrus had no such crisis of conscience. Taking matters into his own hands the way Cyrus does, he told Jake he needed to take Sally Langston out.

The big debate hit a snag as it appeared Sally was losing it, but where did that leave the gears that make the Grant administration turn behind the scenes?

Olivia decided the only way to get her to cool it was for Fitz would have to throw the debate a bit, making for one of many twists in Scandal Season 3 Episode 13.

Sally has become a problem of unpredictable and significant proportions, so Jake came around to Cyrus' view. Meanwhile, Cyrus also learned that James was Publius.

As for those shocking last 30 seconds? We can't do them justice here.

Follow the link to watch Scandal online to see it play out for yourself.

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