Plane Crash Selfies: Funny or Foul?

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With the still missing Malaysian Air Flight 370 and yesterday's plane crash in Philadelphia, this might not be the week to fly. 

But it's definitely the week to take a plane crash selfie or two, right? 

Plane crash selfies are apparently a thing now. Take a look at these, and then tell us, have we taken selfies too far?

When a U.S. Airways Flight 1702 from Philadelphia to Ft. Lauderdale crashed yesterday, Twitter user @han_horan snapped and shared a few photos with her followers, one of which was a selfie with the downed plane in the background.

All 154 passengers and 5 crew members were safe on @han_horan's flight, but does that make a difference in the context of selfies and sharing?

"So my plane just crashed," she tweeted. Followed by "I almost just died." The plane crash selfie was captioned "So yup."

So...yup. She did that.

A Philadelphia International Airport spokeswoman said they believe the plane crashed because a tire blew during takeoff. The nose gear crashed into the ground and no one was injured though emergency evacuation ramps were deployed.

Does the fact that no one was injured make these selfies funny or are they still foul?

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